Intermediate Training

Building on the Basics

Accuracy is still the most important part of these exercises but we will start to incorporate some speed into your regimen to help you track and get on target faster while consistently landing shots.

At this point it becomes more important to physically warm up your body, especially your arms and hands. Do various stretches on your back, shoulders, fingers, and arms before sitting down to play and do follow up stretches on your arm and hands through out your gaming session to stay loose and dexterous.

This level of training may take longer to adapt to as the difficulty has increased but refrain from getting frustrated and remember that these exercises are gradually increasing your aim.


Intermediate Aim Training 

Drill #1: AH Fast Aiming 5 Minutes

Start with the Aim Hero Fast Aiming mode. At this level you should easily be clearing low difficulty to its completion without failing fairly easily. Complete low difficulty a couple times and incorporate a couple attempts on medium difficulty occasionally. I do not expect you to complete medium since it requires you to eliminate targets at a rate of 2 per second consistently. Again, focus on accuracy. Do not spam the trigger and try to concentrate on eliminating the targets rhythmically. Warm up with Fast Aiming for 5 minutes.


Drill #2: AH Reflex 10-20 Minutes

Move onto Reflex mode. You should already be obtaining 95% accuracy with a target lifespan of 0.7 seconds. Leave it at 0.7 second lifespan but adjust the target size down to 110. Your settings should look like this:

A target lifespan of 0.7 seconds is a good starting point at this level but again we want to increase your accuracy along with speed. Once your are able to maintain accuracy above 95%, incrementally lower the target lifetime down to 0.6 through out your days or weeks of practice. If you master 0.6, begin to lower the target delay so the the targets appear faster and intensify the exercise. Practice this game mode for 10-20 minutes and be sure to write down your accuracy results.


Drill #3: AH Strafing 5-10 Minutes

Now lets focus on the Strafing mode. Set the difficulty to low and practice landing multiple shots each time the target strafes.  Once you consistently land at least 3 shots each time it moves increase the difficulty to medium and continue. Focus on tracking the target smoothly. There is not an easy way to track progress in this mode except your score. You should notice your accuracy staying static or increasing while also landing more shots thus increasing your score. Continue this exercise for 5-10 minutes and be sure to write down your results.


Drill #4: OW Strafing 5 Minutes

Close out Aim Hero and open Overwatch. As with Basic Training, enter the practice range and find spots on the map to hold your cross-hair on and move about it. Try to make your movements more erratic at this point, strafe from side to side quickly and randomly. You should also pick spots above head level and practice vertical tracking by moving closer and further away from the spot. Warm up with this exercise for 5 mins and continue to do so through out your down time in matches as before.


Drill #5: OW Reflex 5-10 Minutes

Now Practice reflex aiming in the practice range as before in Basic Aim Training. This time increasing the distance your cross-hair is from the target and focus on moving it to the target more quickly. Do this at varying distances from the target as well so your muscle memory does not get used to a single distance. Do this drill for 5-10minutes.


Drill #6: Close Range Tracking 5 Minutes

Lets begin to practice with some close range tracking and mouse control. Select Soldier in the practice range and head towards the moving target dummys in the bottom right. Line your self up into the path of a moving dummy. Once it starts moving towards you, begin moving forward angling yourself just to the right or left of the target dummy. Continue moving as it passes you while keeping your cross-hair on the target. If you use a lower mouse sensitivity as recommended, this will require you to make large sweeping mouse movements to maintain your cross-hair on the target. If you are doing this correctly you should notice your arm getting a bit tired at the end. This exercise trains your hero movement as well as coarse mouse movement. Practice circling and shooting the targets in this manner for 5-10 minutes.


Drill #7: Ana Bots 25-50 Kills

The last exercise will again be Ana bots in a custom game. This time, add Ana bots on hard difficulty and choose McCree as your hero. Avoid shooting stationary Ana’s. Remain stationary yourself at first and focus on tracking the targets at head level and taking shots at them as they strafe. Begin to incorporate hero movement into your practice as time goes on. Try to mimic their strafing patterns patterns in such a way that you don’t have to move your mouse to maintain your cross-hairs on their head. Also try the opposite, which is more difficult, move in the opposite direction they are moving. This requires you to move your cross-hairs faster to maintain fine tracking. Lastly, incorporate small flick shots into your practice. If you are over or under tracking the target, adjust with a flick, and fire. Kill 25 or 50 bots, write down your accuracy and make a note of how much of your own movement you attempted (stationary, light strafing, erratic strafing, etc.). Also start timing how long it takes you to eliminate a set amount of Ana bots.


What Now?

Consciously think about your training exercises when you hop into QP or Comp mode. Focus on what you are a doing and ask yourself what you could have done differently or what went wrong on each and every death screen.

As you adapt to these training exercises you should notice it in your gameplay. Your target acquisition will improve along with your in game accuracy and eliminations. If you are taking training seriously and are writing down your progress, you should also notice and gradually upward trend in your training. A good sign is the speed at which you can eliminate the 25 or 50 Ana bots as the weeks go on.

When you are able to complete Aim Hero Reflex training at 0.6 Target Delay and 0.6 Target Lifespan with above a 90% accuracy along with a plateau in how quickly you can eliminate a set amount of Ana bots,  It may be time to move on to the advanced drills. Another good indication is your ability to obtain the TEAM KILL message regularly by eliminating all 6 bots quickly.

  1. AH Fast Aiming: 5 minutes
  2. AH Reflex Aiming: 10-15 minutes
  3. AH Strafing: 5-10minutes
  4. OW Strafing 5-10 minutes
  5. OW Reflex Aiming: 5-10 minutes
  6. OW Close Range Tracking:  5 Minutes
  7. OW Ana Bot Training: 25-50 Kills

Total Time: 40-60 minutes