Your Resource for Improving Aim In Overwatch

There are plenty of YouTube videos, websites, and forum posts giving advice on improving aim in Overwatch. Many of them are helpful and provide sound advice for simple exercises you can do to improve. However, for many of us, doing simple exercises every once in while is not enough.

Welcome to Overwatch Aim. This Overwatch guide will provide new players and players who feel they could improve with a detailed aim training regimen to improve mechanical skills in Overwatch. This is NOT a 10 minute ‘get good’ training program. The goal is to systematically approach training your aim in a structured manner. This website is for people serious about gradually improving mouse control by building basic muscle memory and hand/eye coordination through various exercises/drills ranging from basic to advanced over the course of weeks to months.

Mechanical skills are important in Overwatch, however game sense is arguably more important. Amazing mechanical skill will not get you far if your positioning is poor or you do not communicate with your team mates. Game sense mostly comes from experience, watching pro players on twitch, and even specific hero guides on YouTube from high level or pro players. This website may cover game sense in the future but for now focus on your mechanical skills while earning game sense through experience and essentially ‘study’ the game of Overwatch .

This website focuses on PC players of Overwatch. Console players don’t have access to Aim Hero and controller joystick movement is entirely different from aiming with a mouse. That said, some console players use a mouse to aim and the non Aim Hero exercises can be mimicked with a joystick and may help you to improve as well.

The training regimen and advice I am making available comes from personal experience, research, and discussions with several Master/Grandmaster players and other players of various skill levels. This regimen does use supplementary training from a source outside of Overwatch with a game (myself and many others consider it a tool) called Aim Hero which you can purchase from Steam. It will serve you well to view Aim Hero as a powerful tool and there are a few YouTube videos of professional Overwatch players using Aim Hero as a warm up exercise before they start their matches.